Wednesday 19th December 2012


Plenaries to Help Literacy

  • Encourage students to select five words from the lesson and construct a glossary at the back of their book.  These can be used as a starter spelling test next lesson.  This is also useful if, in pairs, one student spells and the other gives the definition.
  • Word Walls – make them active: new words are posted by the students at the end of the lesson – allows you to introduce new vocabulary and highlight key subject specific words

Any other ideas?


One thought on “Wednesday 19th December 2012

  1. I love the idea or word walls and I am currently working on these by using mini whiteboards stuck to the walls with bluetack. Students really like them but will build on these when starting new units in the new year. I also love ‘the ideas paint’ if we could get some as a school and have sections of each classroom to be used as learning walls!

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