Tuesday 11th December 2012


Questioning Technique to Aid Outstanding Learning

  1. Pose
  2. Pause
  3. Bounce
  4. Pounce

A more detailed description of this technique can be found here:  Pose Pause Bounce Pounce


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 11th December 2012

  1. Just tried this in a Year 9 lesson preparing students for a Controlled Assessment style task (How does Steinbeck make the read dislike Curley in ‘Of Mice and Men’). They considered the question and gave considered responses about what they might use as paragraph topics in the essay. It helped to focus them on the ‘How’ in the question and to help them to consider how the mark scheme might shape their response. It took the students a while to get used to the idea of commenting on each others ideas though.

  2. I think outstanding learning is where the pupils are totally engaged and show the ‘5 Rs’ – resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness, reflective and responsive. It takes a little while to get them into this frame of mind, but surprisingly quicker than you may think. And if they do the 5Rs consistently, you become the ULTIMATE lazy teacher! I have a display in my classroom (H2) if anyone wants to come and have a look.

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