Monday 10th December 2012


Questioning – Raising the Profile

  • Try Thunks to get them thinking when they come in to the room.  Check out the Thunks website: Thunks here – lots of them!  For example, Is it better to feel lonely in a society obsessed with celebrity and fashion, or be happy with the distractions of a shallow life?
  • Question of the week
  • Question Wall
  • Giving think time – at least 10 seconds!
  • No hands up – random name generator
  • Think, Pair, Share (can also be Think, Small Groups Discuss, Share)
  •  Hinge Questions
  • Beyond the classroom – look at at subject’s displays in corridors – could you add some interesting questions?
  • Really meaningful display – add thoughtful questions and then students’ thoughts as you unlock the learning together
  • Introduce the time machine idea (anything will do: bike, car, cardboard box) to ask questions about the past and the future
  • Make them google proof – ask questions that can’t be found on the t’internet

5 thoughts on “Monday 10th December 2012

  1. Thunk Q Monday 10th Dec. in E7: There’s a 1 in 3 million chance of being hit by lightning in the UK. If the person next to you gets hit during a storm, does that mean that you are safer now, more at risk, or just the same?

    • Like it!

      Will have a think…

      Foster ambition, inspire success


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  2. One from Helen Stephens for next week – Would you rather live in a democracy or a dictatorship run by father Christmas.
    Here’s one I “stole” when standing on a giant’s shoulder – would you rather have a singing frog, a never ending jar of sweets or a magic flying carpet? Then you can ask them to add “Ah but what if’s” like, the frog can only sing one song, the flying carpet only goes at 5mph etc”

  3. I tried something like this last week with my tutor group using music – I played them a song from a band often regarded as ‘ground-breaking’ and got students to consider why the band was ground-breaking. They then had to research the band and the student who finds out the most will get to pick the next song we listen to in pm reg.

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